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A positive end to January

January felt like it was 160 years long so thought I'd do a wee positive blog post as some great things have been happening!

As you know Kindness & Co was borne out of a need to fundraise for South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank, last year referrals for uniforms were up 53% - covid is having a huge affect on vulnerable families but not only that many families being hit by job losses / redundancy.  

Over 500 uniform packs were distributed from Aug/December in 2020, its expected that 2021 will be at least this...probably more.   Referrals come from social workers, teachers, children's charities.   

Its always the intention of the charity to get the best value product for the best price.   At the end of last year we were able to get Trespass jackets for 70% off....this felt amazing - and started something!

One of the trustees of South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank was introduced to contact within Trespass....I then spoke to them and once they heard about the cause they were keen to help.  They offered a significant reduction in price and I have just been able to buy 350 warm, waterproof jackets averaging at £14.50 ea! 

Now...where does Kindness & Co fit in....well the School Clothing Bank has no income, its a charity.  So Kindness & Co donated £5100, enabling School Clothing Bank to make the purchase.....felt all kinds of wonderful!

Your purchases and continued support enable this Wonderfulness to happen, so thank you!



  • Love your products and knowing you are helping others makes them even more special, well done x

    kathy Iley
  • This is awesome – well done everyone involved at Kindness & Co and the Clothing bank. You are good people!

    Irene Bartholomew
  • What an amazing achievement! So good to hear such positive and kind work being done. None of us know when we might need a helping hand.


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