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April 2020

Well...last week my plan was to take all my stock offline as we were in the process of moving my PC from work (day job is within our family business in Irvine) and through April would not be a great month for candles.  I have a fabulous charity for our next month and didn't want to let then down with poor sales.  Its such a difficult times for people perhaps people wouldn't want to buy candles etc.

Then on April 1st my sister saw a post on her friends page...they were looking for donations of soap/diffusers as they were setting up staff accommodation at Ayr and Crosshouse hospitals.  So I gathered together a donation and dropped it off 2nd April....also spoke with a lovely neighbour who works at Ayr who offered to drop off to ICU....then a friend got in touch to buy a candle and I remembered she was a nurse too and as fate would have it she was setting up a rest area within her dept....more soaps and angel wings delivered.  So to date 18 diffusers, 79 soaps, 46 hand lotions and 79 angel wings have made their way to NHS Staff in Ayrshire.   

Isn't if funny how things happen, no real planning but I'm so pleased how April is shaping up!

There isn't a lot of stock online, between working from home in our family business and the soaps not many candles made but I'll keep the shop updated with any new additions.

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