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Q2 Review


I though I would do a review of last quarter as lots has been happening.  Much as I love social media I am perhaps overly cautious about too many posts about ‘Social impact”….I never want people to read and roll their eyes thinking - oh here she goes again!!  

That’s not goal, never has been but this Social Enterprise is having an impact and its important and right that you know where funds are spent.  

So I’m going to use this blog space as the place to let you all know what’s been happening on a quarterly basis.  

Things at the School Clothing Bank have been incredibly busy, the hubs are working well and increasing in numbers too!  We have a new Secondary School Hub starting this Summer which will take to 7 out of 8 schools in South Ayrshire.

South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank provides a range of clothing to the Hubs and these are distributed by teachers where needed.  During the last 3 months we have provided top ups to 2 of our Secondary Schools and one of the Primary Schools.  We had anticipated an increase in demand of our services and this has proven to be the case.  We are in the process of setting up a new Hub in a Secondary School and that will be in place by the end of the summer. The hubs all start with a range of items and sizes, covering all uniform items and including ages.  I have also been reaching out to some of the children’s charities we work with and they will let me know their requirements during the summer, making sure everyone has the uniform they need for the new term.

Also been working with Ukrainian Support Team with South Ayrshire who are helping the families arriving into the area.  We have already supported and supplied new uniforms to those families that have already arrive and will continue to support them over the Summer.

During this quarter Kindness & Co has donated £7000 to South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank.  

We have also supported The Jay Walk £500, funds from this sponsorship go directly to Ayrshire Cancer Support.  

Soaps / lotions / diffusers and refills were supplied to Whiteleys Retreat to keep the homes smelling beautiful for the families when they are staying.   Candles were also donated and these are given to families at the end of their stay.  Smell is so emotive so the Lemongrass & Ginger will forever evoke their time in a very special place. 

Soaps were also donated to Unity Grill.

Candles / hampers were also donated to:

  • Business Beats Cancer Ayrshire
  • Doing It For Daniel
  • Ayrshire Hospice Ball

Charity Candle sales were down, its not a great season for candles so perhaps I need to rethink and do yearly donations for those candle sales as hated having to tell some of the charities there were no sales.  

Donation of £105.00 was made to Whiteleys

Donation of £682 was made to Beautiful Inside & Out (this included July monthly box profits)

I think that wraps it up, a busy 3 months and amazing to see Kindness & Co having a positive impact.  So thank you for all your purchases, and I hope this blog gives a little insight into how K&Co works.

Nicola x




  • We are so very grateful to you, Kindness & Co. I shall put a post on our charity page to let everyone know what this kind donation funds. Thank you and enjoy your much deserved rest. X🌈💚💗♥️💜💛💙🧡🌈

    Pauline Moriarty
  • I love your products & that it supports local charities. Maybe an animal one not the national funded one though. X

  • Hi there, would you consider doing refills for the hand washes (like the bags L’Occitane do)?

    Christine Thompson

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