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School Clothing Bank

So last month and this month will be all about the School Clothing Bank, we use an office space within our family business to store and sort the clothes and June/July/August are pretty chaotic whilst juggling the business, charity and Kindness & Co.  My daughters help - a lot!  Family members get pulled in and friends too, it's a collaboration of helpers making sure we get uniforms out in time for school starting.

Referrals come from social workers, charities and trusted third parties such as teachers, ministers and health visitors.  They identify the need for uniform, let us know what's required and we organise the packs.  This year we have been lucky to have wonderful donations of pencil cases, school bags, coats etc which is making a very unusual year a little easier.  

Kindness & Co exists to help fund this charity, I had spend too many hours fundraising and form filling and making candles seemed like a much easier option!  The first year of South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank we ran out of clothes and money very quickly, we funded it with donations from friends, family and our business but it wasn't a long term sustainable option.  Cue Candles....everyone loves them, I know them and people buy them - win win!  


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