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School Clothing Bank Update...

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but lots of things happening in the background so thought it was time for a quick update.
South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank started back in 2015. We are run entirely by volunteers and delighted that 6 years later, SASCB are still here to provide new uniforms to local children.
Currently requests for uniforms come in via trusted 3rd parties ie social workers, charities working with children etc, they let us know what’s needed and we select the items and deliver.
Over the past year or so we have been working with local secondary schools to set up hubs with uniforms within the schools - this was so important as it means we are reaching the young people who aren’t under the care of social work/charities etc but they still need help with uniform. Delighted that we now have 5 of the 8 South Ayrshire secondary schools covered, they have uniforms within guidance depts and can distribute where needed. When stocks get low they let us know and we replenish it.
Not only is this much easier for us to manage but more importantly it gives the young people a choice in the uniform they get too. It also means the time from needing the uniform to getting the uniform is much quicker too.
However, what about the younger kids - we needed a better way to support them too. Over these past few weeks, we have been in discussions with a few of the key organisations and schools that we currently provide uniforms to about the possibility of them holding stocks of uniforms. Delighted that the response has been positive so far and we are looking forward to working in a slightly different way this year.
This is a much better solution that will ensure there is a greater degree of choice for the children whilst making sure everyone has the uniform they need to get the most out of their learning.
This would not be possible without Kindness & Co CIC; thanks to the funds we have been able to increase the number of clothing hubs and ensure shelves are kept well stocked.
So although this page has been a little quiet of late....there’s still lots going on!
Thanks for your orders and continued support its very much appreciated!

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  • Great work Nicola these secondary hubs sound like a great idea getting uniforms quicker to older children and giving them choice making big difference to these young people.

    Angela McCaig

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