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School Clothing Bank ~ Update

This has been the busiest Summer since the school clothing bank started.

Over the past few years we have been establishing uniform hubs which are stocks of uniforms held within schools and key childrens charities and Social Work offices.  The hubs mean access to uniform is immediate, it also gives a degree of choice for the young people too.   Over the Summer we have established a hub in Girvan Academy which means we now have hubs in 7 out of the 8 Secondary Schools within South Ayrshire.  As soon as funds allow we will be offering hubs to as many other schools as we can!

With the number of hubs we have in place we anticipated referrals to be a little lower this year, however sadly that hasn’t been the case.  Families are under huge financial stress and we have had in excess of 230 referrals, we have also provided over 575 uniforms to our hubs.

As you know Kindness & Co was borne out of a need to fundraise, so with that in mind I just wanted to say thank you 😊 there are 800+ children who now have the school uniform they need to start their school year 💖

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