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September 2020

And suddenly the heating is on, the nights are darker and I'm starting my Christmas shopping!  

Lock-down has made time fly by....that doesn't make much sense as it felt long but it also feels like March was yesterday!

I've been working on Autumn fragrances for a while, this month its Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli, a gorgeous rich fragrance its the perfect lead up to the weightier fall fragrances.

I've been testing Pumpkin Spice too...and playing with some fun labels.  My whole house was filled with the scent last night, so lovely!

School Clothing Bank has quietened down a little, it was a completely manic and crazy summer - all funds are completely depleted.  Our last referral was for a local secondary school, we provide a selection of clothing ages 11 through to 16, male and female, so the school are able to distribute where necessary.  So it's now a case of building funds back up as referrals still come in throughout the year and in few weeks it'll be winter jackets time. 

The Kindness & Co concept really worked this Summer, I knew it would but it was great to see it in action. 

Now more than every people are consciously buying and I'm so grateful so many people bought Kindness & Co products as not only eased the pressure on me but it literally helped buy school clothing for over 250 children this summer!

Thank you xxx 

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