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Social Impact Q1 2022

Charity donations are made quarterly so all payments have been done today.

The first quarter of the year is notoriously quiet but Kindness & Co was still able to make a little difference to these charities.

South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank needed funds to complete a top up of uniforms at one of the local Secondary Schools, so this £1000 was much needed.

You'll notice Dementia Art Trust is a little higher, thats because the Roses candle was also featured in the February Monthly Box so it gave the charity a much needed boost. All of the Charity candles will feature in the Monthly Subscription Box at some point during the year to make sure each charity gets a Subscription Box boost.

Delighted that total donated is now edging closer to £50000....will tip it next quarter maybe??!!

Thanks so much for your continued support and with your help we're really making a difference.



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