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Social Impact Update November 2023


Social Impact to date….

2023 has been a funny old year but I’m still here hanging on to Kindness & Co with a strong belief that people want to buy products that really pack a powerful impact.  

Sales are be down (last time I looked 43% ⬇️) costs are up and some weeks the mojo is completely nonexistent but then a new fragrance peaks my interest and I remember I actually love making my Kindness & Co products and yes the social impact is smaller this year…but it still exists…it still has a place and it’s still making a difference 💫


  • Lovely products and such good causes money goes too. Nicola you work full time plus your enterprising business.

  • Nicola, your dedication and products are outstanding! The money you raise has an immediate and positive impact on children and young people! I can absolutely vouch for that! Thank you for all you do! Pauline

    Pauline Hendry

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