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Summer 2021 and some news too

Summer 2021 is nearly over, in South Ayrshire our schools are back and at South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank it’s been busier than ever.   

We now have school clothing hubs within most South Ayrshire secondary schools, in a few key primary schools and within Social Work office.  These have been working incredibly well and feedback has been so positive.  

We have also still had referrals from other organisations during the summer and delighted that we’ve been able to fulfill all the requests for uniforms, jackets, shoes & bags!  

Next step, once funds allow, is to replenish the hubs - top up the stock and make sure they’re covered throughout the year.

Covering the costs of the School Clothing Bank is and always has been the main purpose of Kindness & Co. However over the years I’ve met some incredible charities and my vision for Kindness & Co is for every fragrance to have a charity partner- whereby all profits from that candle goes directly to the charity.  

However, I need to take it slowly (this is not my nature 👀) I need to do it in a measured way.  Side note…last summer I accidentally donated too much and had no cash for supplies 😬! We live and learn eh!

So, as I said I’m taking it slow. My first charity partner will be Dementia Art Trust, they are a phenomenal local charity who have continued to work right through lockdown.  They offer life enhancing art classes to people living with dementia. The moment I spoke with Joanne and I knew this was the right time To take this next step and they were the perfect charity to start with.  The candle, the fragrance, the saying and the charity are the perfect match! 

You can find out more about Dementia Art Trust here;




The candle will be launching online in September! 


  • We are so thrilled that the Dementia Arts Trust will be your next charity partner. We are big fans of what you do and also LOVE your candles! Thank you so much Kindness & Co! Every penny will be spent taking our life-enhancing art classes to people living with dementia.

    Joanne Robinson
  • Hello, I love your products and your ethos – genuinely pleased to find a CIC that is actually community focused! I just wondered if it’s possible in the future to get re-fills for the hand washes, like the L’occitane pouches? Happy to buy the liquid in bulk!

    Christine Thompson

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