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Pocket Positivity Pebble - Strength
Pocket Positivity Pebble - Strength
Pocket Positivity Pebble - Strength

Pocket Positivity Pebble - Strength

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Handmade by Salvia Glass.

This strength pocket positivity pebble set is designed to be kept in your pocket, bag, or even under a pillow. They are made of 6mm thick clear glass with the word ‘strength’ hand painted onto the surface before being fired in a kiln.

The glass is incredibly tactile – smooth and cool to the touch making holding the pebble relaxing. The word is to inspire a positive response. The smaller square pebble is made with pink transparent glass with a heart hand painted on it.

This strength pebble set is perfect for a loved one to let them know you are thinking of them, perhaps after a loss or a difficult time. They are also great for someone about to embark on a personal challenge.

The glass for each strength pocket positivity pebble is hand cut, lettered and painted by Salvia Glass so no two will every be completely identical – perfect when you are looking for a truly unique gift.

They are approximately 3cm x 2cm and weigh approx 10g but these vary depending on the length of word.

The pebbles come packaged in a small burlap drawstring bag to keep them safe, with a note printed on high quality white card that reads

‘Keep your pebble close to hand and remember its message as you hold it tight.’