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January 2021 Fragrance Box
January 2021 Fragrance Box

January 2021 Fragrance Box

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January 2021, will be Wild Cassis & Fig....the label for this candle will be "Follow Your Curiosity"

So...every box will contain one candle in signature white glass candle and a pack of 4 melts  - delivery is free.

These boxes were borne out of my love of coordinating fragrance right through my house....I'll have the wax melters on from first thing, then later light the candles.  The whole house smells amazing for the whole day / night.

Every month there will be a different fragrance, these will be coordinating the the seasons.  I will only have a limited amount of boxes available each month.

This is something that I felt was really apt for January when lots of us are looking ahead to our year and making plans.  With 2 teenagers it's especially prevalent to them as they take their steps into the world, there is lots of focus on our children about what career they want to do....however my advice has always been to "Follow Your Curiosity" that's where the joy is and oh my we all need a little joy for 2021 don't we!! 

I used to think I followed my curiosity too much...always starting new things, crochet, hand embroidery, quilt making, oh I did some paper cutting too with some pretty fancy wee knifes, making bath bombs, moisturiser oh and lets not forgot candles - I've love them all but don't still do them all but that's ok as I enjoyed them and really that's all that matters isn't it!

January box will ship out w/c 4th January